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Jose Segrelles - 'Siegfried': The Hero Forges Anew the Broken Sword Thanks to Fernando Tormo, Director of the Segrelles Museum, Albaida (Valencia) Spain, I have a listing of Segrelles' work in The IIllustrated London News. At right is "Siegfried": The Hero Forges Anew the Broken Sword from the December 1933 Christmas issue. All of his work appeared in the centerspreads of the Christmas numbers. Here's what Segrelles did in other issues:

1927. Beethoven, 11 reproduced works:
1. The music of the storm...
2. The Bellman's daughter
3. Humanity following its Fate
4. Fate Knocking at the door
5. Mortal men and women borne onward by Fate
6. "Apassionata"
7. "Eroica"
8. The beginning of life (conception of Aurora)
9. Vice pursues the spotless......("Moonlight sonata")
10. Love a subtle fleeting vision.( " " )
11. "Patetica"

1928. Dante's Inferno, 7 reproduced works
1. "...But as look'd Toward them lo! a serpent with six feet (ANIEL)
and six others...

1929. Don Quixote, 7 reproduced works
1. The night I will watch my armour...
2. An officer mistaken for an enchanted moor
3. Don Quixote beards the lion in the cage
4. Don Quixote and Sancho Panza mounted on Clavileño
5. Don Quixote turns a somersault...
6. Don Quixote tilts at windmills
and one other

1930. The Arabian Nights, 9 reproduced works
1. Princess Farizada, arrayed and armed as a cavalier, rides...
2. Princess Farizada among the enchanted rocks...
3. Princess Farizada obtains the magic golden water...
4. Sinbad's adventure in the rocky valley...
5. ", Sesame", so distinctly that Ali Baba....
6. She went and poured enough boiling oil into every jar (Ali Baba)
7. Aladdin crossed the garden....
8. The black slaves uncovered the basins...(Aladdin)
9. "Hear me", said Aladdin...

1932. Famous Dreams, 4 reproduced works
1. Charles VI and flying hart
2. The drowning vision of Clarence
3. Nightmares of Nero
4. King Arthur's vision

1933. A Painter's Visions of Wagner, 6 reproduced works
1. Das Rheingold - The Giants, Fafner and Fasolt, fight for possession of the ring
2. Gotterdammerung - The Three Fates spin the Thread of Destiny
3. Die Walküre"
4. Sigfried: the hero climbs through fire to the sleeping Brünnhilde
5. Sigfried: the hero slays the Dragon-giant, Fafner
6. Sigfried: the hero forges anew the broken sword (image at top of the page)

1934. Perrault's, 6 reproduced works
1. Tom Trumb climbed a free...
2. Tom Trumb awoke his brothers...
3. The wife of bluebeard
4. The Donkey. Skin Princess
5. Cinderella in the chimney-corner
6. Cinderella brought the finest pumpkin...

1935. From Edgar Allan Poe's, Tales of Mystery and Imagination, 6 reproduced works
1. Berenice
2. The Cask of Amontillado
3. The Gold Bug
4. The System of Dr. Tarr and Professor fether...
5. The Masque of the Red Death
6. The Black Cat

My thanks to Señor Tormo for the information. You can visit the Segrelles Museum to learn still more and to see lots more images.

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