I'm proud of the reputation we earned while I ran Bud Plant Illustrated Books. It was earned by providing service and value to our customers. I think you can learn a lot about a person by knowing the people who dealt with him over the years and what they thought of the experience.


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Who Likes Us?

We had the best and most loyal customers in the world. Some of them were with us since 1983 when we published our very first catalog.

They included:

"Bud Plant Illustrated Books offers the kind of education you should be able to get (but can't) at most art schools for comic and illustration art. He offers lots of knowledge and insight and books. His only bad personality trait is his ability to turn you on to new illustrators you never heard of before -- but will come to love! If you are thinking of buying from Bud Plant Illustrated Books, then relax and trust in their quality and speed of service. It all boils down to three things: Great Books, Great service, Good people!"

Mark Wheatley

"Your reputation is A-1 with me. I have been a satisfied customer ... for your rare books, both at your San Diego table and mail orders. ... Given your longtime passion and the thoroughness of your catalogs, I'm confident you'll prosper."

Denis Kitchen

"Once again I presented you with a seemingly impossible challenge: 'Find "X" book for me!' Once again your came through! And once again my sincerest 'thanks!' You make researching for my own illustration books and articles the easy part."

Nick Meglin

"They keep me up to the rafters with ever-more old-to-current discoveries of so many hues (and with dispatch) plucked from their ever-so-burgeoning catalogues. They are professional, top to bottom, and my primary source of art-related books. (Their) honest assessments/descriptions of all entries ... do add to informing potential buyers of same as few other booksellers trouble to do: rarely have I been disappointed following their leads."

Alex Toth
("the old bookaholic hermit")

"The only source I have for a lot of wonderfully illustrated books."

Mel Odom

"Bud Plant Illustrated Books is my one and only reliable source for all those illustrated books I want to add to my collecton. Come to think of it, most of my library of art books were purchased from Bud and Jim! Two of the best sleuths in the business. Jim provides a warm, friendly service along with an uncanny ability to track down those impossible to find books on my 'want' list."

Tom Palmer

In building a reference collection to complement my growing collection of American Illustration I have turned to Bud Plant Illustrated Books for hundreds of books-- monographs, reference books, and illustrated books. I have always found Jim's catalogues to be accurate - if anything they understate the condition and quality of the books. On the rare occasion (once or twice out of hundreds of books) that I have had to return a book, Jim has taken it back with no questions asked. As my collection grows and my book needs become more specific I find myself using Jim's "wish list" because I know that Jim will go out of his way to find the book for me. Overall, BPIB has been an invaluable asset to my collection.

Richard Kelly

"Don't know how you found the time, but glad to find you on the web, Jim. Please list me as a long time, satisfied customer of Bud Plant Illustrated Books both as a buyer and as a seller. The combination of your out-of-print catalog, Bud's in-print catalog, and excellent service from both has given me the only source I need to manage my graphic books collection. Continued good luck!"

Mike Zeck

"A valuable and unique source for finding rare and out of print art books. If Jim doesn't have 'it', he'll try to find it and he's nice to deal with! We're fans."

Leo and Diane Dillon

"It's been a great pleasure to work with someone who truly loves books and has such great respect for the people who collect them."

Murray Tinkelman

"After you pull out all your hair looking for that 'special' book, Jim comes along and saves the day. The quality is great and so is the price. Now you can be happy with your long-lost book, and hey! you'll even keep that head of hair! Thanks Jim!"

Tony DiTerlizzi

"For fifty years I've haunted book stores and private collections hunting for work by the great draftsmen, illustrators and painters of narrative art. Little by little it began to disappear. Then, just as it was all but gone, out came the Bud Plant Illustrated Books catalogue and I was saved. There it was, seemingly every book I couldn't find, and all in one place! And the catalogues keep coming, telling me of books I've never heard of... and want. I (don't) envy Bud his job, but I'm awfully grateful he's doing it."

Jim Silke

"I am a book addict. There. I've admitted my problem. Yes, it affects my family, my friends and my work. It is a sickness. But I'll never be cured! Not as long as there's a dealer named Jim Vadeboncoeur, Jr. offering the most incredible, beautiful, cool, rare and must-have tomes month after month. Now he has a web site. Why can't he just stick to back alleys and school yards? God damn the pusher man!"

Craig "just say" Yoe

"The Bud Plant Illustrated Books catalog is exactly what I would like a bookstore (or my own library) to be. It's as if Jim asked me to write a list of all the favorite books I own or would like to own. Great taste, great selection, clear descriptions, good prices and quality merchandise in great condition, always nicely packaged and how nice to know there's a real live human being on the other end of the line who shares the same passion for this oddly undescribable world of the illustrated book."

Dennis Nolan

"I enjoy the informative illustrated book catalogue almost as much as any of the finely illustrated books listed therein."

Gary Gianni

"Thanks to Jim and his service, I've sweetened my library immeasurably over the past few years. Whether he's helping me track down books I've been seeking for years or opening my eyes to books I never knew existed, Jim's irreplacable. If you're looking for one-of-a-kind "one-stop shopping" for art and arcane delights, Bud Plant Illustrated Books is a slice of heaven."


"Jim provides a great service for a book addicts like Eric and I, our schedules don't provide us with time to search for valuable research material for projects. He always keeps up with our want lists and manages to come up with new and wonderful books I hadn't known about. What a guy! He is always good for a chat."

Susan Goldberg

"This is a long overdue note of thanks and appreciation to Jim Vadeboncoeur and Bud Plant Illustrated Books. I'm an avid collector of illustrated books and I've dealt with alot of book dealers and none of them have been more helpful and pleasant than Jim Vadeboncoeur. Over the years he has sold me some of the finest and hardest to find books in my collection, and he's done so with enormous patience and good humor. By now, Jim has a pretty good idea of my particular tastes and apart from finding me the books I know I want, he finds me the books I don't know I want. He is always suggesting new illustrators to me, some of whom have become new favorites. So if you want to buy books from a great source and a guy who knows what he's talking about, you've come to the right place. Good luck!"

Peter de Seve

Bud Plant Illustrated Books is perhaps the world's best source for the discerning collector of representational art and illustration. Their selection is hand-picked for the highest quality using their own broad knowledge as collectors themselves. Fairness is a hallmark of their dealings; I have never known Jim or Bud to price gouge, unlike so many other prominent illustrated book dealers out there now. Their devotion to education and documentation is to be commended. Bud Plant Illustrated Books should be a serious collector's first place to search.

William Stout

 The same personalized service that was provided at Bud Plant Illustrated Books continues at Bud Plant & Hutchison Books, the new company formed by Bud Plant and Anne Hutchison when I retired November 20, 2005. You can reach them at hutchisonbooks@mac.com or at http://www.abebooks/home/hutchison/. In the real world, they're at 530-273-9762 or P.O. Box 1133, Cedar Ridge, CA 95924