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The books of
Sulamith Wülfing
A Bibliographical
Work in Progress
by Jim Vadeboncoeur, Jr.
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begun 9/23/2002
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Band 12

Band 12 - Vom Kind [About a Child]

1st printing of 2000 copies (8.4"x10.625" / 21.4 x 27 cm)
brown cover art of an infant in a blossom
   Vom Kind [About a Child]
   Ein Buch Fur die Junge Mutter [A Book For the Young Mother]
   title page drawing of a madonna and child
   Sulamith / Wülfing
   Sechs Farbige Abbildungen [Six Color Illustrations] / Sechs Kupferdrucktafeln [Six Copper Printing Plates] / Band XII
"Vom Kind - Ein altes Wiegenlied" [About a Child - An old Cradle Song]

Six black & white and six tipped-in color* plates with tissue guards:

  1. Blütenkrone [A Crown of Blossoms]
  2. Das Geschenk* [The Gift]
  3. Der Hempelmann [The Jumping Jack]
  4. Der Besuch* [The Guest]
  5. Der Erste Schritt [The First Step]
  6. Ein Festag* [The Feast Day
  7. Der Kreisel [The Spinning Top]
  8. Mondabend* [Evening Moon]
  9. Im Stühlchen [In the High Chair]
  10. Herbstwind* [Autumn Winds]
  11. Der Erste Schnee [The First Snow]
  12. Weihnachtskerzen* [Christmas Candles]

Note: the translations accompanied the copy of the book when I bought it. I can take no responsibility or credit for them.

List in rear goes to Band XII (this book) and Kartenserie X


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