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The books of
Sulamith Wülfing
A Bibliographical
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by Jim Vadeboncoeur, Jr.
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Band 14

Band 14 - Der Märchenschrein [The Fairy Tale Shrine]
Sechs Farbige Abbildungen • Zw√∂lf Kupfertiefdrucktafeln

no printing information - probably a first edition (8.5"x10.8" / 21.6 x 27.5 cm)
Greenish gray cover art of two gnomes holding a chest
   Der Märchenschrein    title page drawing of a frog holding the golden ball
   Sulamith / Wülfing / Band 14
   Zwölf kupfertiefdrucktafeln aus der Truhe [Twelve photogravure boards (reprinted) from (Band 7) The Chest]
   Sechs farbige Abbildungen aus der goldenen kugel [Six colored illustrations from The Golden Ball]
"Der Märchenschrein" by Otto Schulze - Herbst [Autumn] 1940

Six tipped-in color* [reprinted from 1940 Kalender] and twelve black and white plates (reprinted from Band 7) with tissue guards:

  1. Vor Dem Leuchter* [Before the Shining]
  2. Von Rumpelstilzchen [From Rumpelstiltskin]
  3. Der Drachenritt [The Ride on a Dragon]
  4. Die Flamme* [The Flame]
  5. Die Schlafende Prinzessin [The Sleeping Princess]
  6. Das Riesenspielzeug [The Giant's Plaything]
  7. Das Neue Licht* [The new light]
  8. Der Gläserne Sarg [The Glass Casket]
  9. Vom Merienkind [From Mary's Child]
  10. Dornröschen* [Sleeping Beauty]
  11. Jorinde und Joringel [Jorinde and Joringel]
  12. Das Tränenkruglein [The Tear Jug]
  13. Die Wurzelweiber* [The Root Women]
  14. Die Trollhexe [The Troll Witch]
  15. Der Verlorene Schuh [The Lost Shoe]
  16. Der Berggeist* [The Mountain Spirit]
  17. Der Spiegel [The Looking Glass]
  18. Der Fundevogel [The Wonder Bird]

The cover lists the black and white plates as "Kupfertiefdrucktafeln" which translates as "Photogravure boards," but they are actually just high-quality half-tone reproductions, not true photogravure.
The English translations of black and white plate titles were with Band 7 when I bought it, so I will take credit or blame only for the translations of the color plate titles.

List in rear goes to Band XIV (this book) and Kartenserie XVI


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