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Sulamith Wülfing Band 20
The books of
Sulamith Wülfing
A Bibliographical
Work in Progress
by Jim Vadeboncoeur, Jr.
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Band 20

originally issued in 1953 as:

Band 20 - Die Kleine Seejungfrau [The Little Mermaid]
Eight tipped in color plates with tissue guards:

  1. German titles unknown - see below for English titles.

Also issued as a portfolio in 1971:

Band 20 - Die Kleine Seejungfrau [The Little Mermaid]
Introductory page in German and English by Otto Schulze - Elberfeld Christmas 1971 that describes " The Sacrifice" of The Little Mermaid. Eight tipped-in color plates mounted on 8½" x 11" paper with tissue guards. Her name is inscribed on each with the title in German, English and French. Issued in a tan folder similar to the bound volume. The titles are as follows :

  1. The Saving
  2. Longing
  3. Metamorphosis
  4. The Dance
  5. To Make a Sacrifice
  6. Transfiguration
  7. The Leave
  8. The Immortal Soul

In all likelihood, this portfolio version consists of either extra plates from the 1953 edition or plates extracted from unsold copies of that earlier edition.


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