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The books of
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Band 23

Band 23 - Christian Morgenstern [Christian Morgenstern]

1st printing of 2000 copies (9.25"x11.8" / 23.6 x 29.7 cm)
gilt titles and cover art of a six-sided star within a hexagon over a radiant sun
   Neun Farbige Abbildungen [nine color illustrations] / Christian / Morgen / Stern
   title page art is ring formed by snake swallowing its tail (reprinted from Band 6) / Sulamith Wülfing / Band XXIII
"Vorwort" [Foreword] by Christian Morgenstern - Weihnachten [Christmas] 1957

Nine untitled tipped in color plates with tissue guards:

  1. [young girl in glass bubble wearing a thin gown is holding out her ornate red-lined cape]
  2. [blonde angel with immense silver wings guides two flowers into an embrace - bright sun in sky]
  3. [young girl with red cape and bare breast stands between dried and blooming flower stalks]
  4. [young haloed girl in ornate jumper greets an angel in arched church nave]
  5. [silver-haired youth with red wound(?) on chest stands wearily before a lake which reflects the moon]
  6. [young woman with image of a child over her womb is supported at the elbows by two angels whose wings enfold them all]
  7. [at left, a gnarled tree frames a woman in red being comforted by an older woman in flowing silver robe]
  8. [a young man and woman embrace within a decorated blue robe beneath a crystal arch]
  9. [blonde woman with pale silver eyes wearing a beautiful butterfly-decorated robe raises her right hand as if in benediction before a carved archway and a stained glass window]

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