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Band 24

Belinda Bellaire sent in the following:

Band 24 - Den Müttern Gewidmet [Dedicated to the Mothers]

Christmas 1972 - 1st printing of 3000 copies [I don't know the size]
Introduction by Otto Schulze [in German and English] portfolio of five color plates and five black and white plates

  1. Das Geleit* [The Accompaniment]
  2. Der Ring Schliesst Sich [The Ring Closes]
  3. Botschaft des Engels* [Message of the Angel]
  4. Warten* [Wait]
  5. Aureole [Halo]
  6. Der Schoss* [The Womb]
  7. Die Rose [The Rose]
  8. Magnolien* [Magnolia]
  9. Der Baum* [The Tree]
  10. Die Mutter [The Mother]

Portfolio copyright is 1972 and all plates are copyright 1973.


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