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The books of
Sulamith Wülfing
A Bibliographical
Work in Progress
by Jim Vadeboncoeur, Jr.
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begun 9/23/2002
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Band 8

Band 8 - Von der Seele [From the Soul]

1st printing of 5000 copies (8.875"x11.25"" / 22.5 x 28.5 cm)
brown cover art of a girl's face with a circle around it
   Von Der Seele [From the Soul]
   brown title page drawing of a symmetrical blossom growing from the "L" in Sulamith.
   Sulamith / Wülfing / Band VIII
   Die Heilige und Ihr Narr [The Saint and Her Fool]
   Zwolf Bilder zu dem Buche von Agnes Günther [12 illustrations from the book by Agnes Günther]
"Von Der Seele - Gottes Wille Hat Kein Warum" [From The Soul - God's Will Has No Why] by Otto Schulze - Herbst [Autumn] 1935

Six black & white and six tipped-in color* plates - all with tissue guards. Titles printed on mounting pages.

  1. Der Ring*
  2. Das Zwiegesprach
  3. Der Lilientanz*
  4. Gisela
  5. Schweigen*
  6. Die Weisse Rose
  7. Die Krone*
  8. Der Schleier Der Gisela
  9. Die Schale*
  10. Begegnung der Engel
  11. Die Orchidee*
  12. Der Irdische Mantel

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