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The books of
Sulamith Wülfing
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by Jim Vadeboncoeur, Jr.
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Kalender 1940

Die Goldene Kugel [The Golden Ball]

(1939) no printing information - probably a first edition (7.85"x10.625" / 20.1 x 27.1 cm)

Brown cover art of princess holding the golden ball
6 tipped-in color* and 6 black and white plates printed on calendar pages

  1. Januar: Schneesterne [Snow Star]
  2. Februar: Dornröschen* [Sleeping Beauty]
  3. März: Der Festzug [The Pageant]
  4. April: Der Berggeist* [The Mountain Spirit]
  5. Mai: Zum Muttertag [For Mother's Day]
  6. Juni: Die Flamme* [The Flame]
  7. Juli: Die Goldene Kugel [The Golden Ball]
  8. August: Die Wurzelweiber* [The Root Women]
  9. September: Waldelfe [Woodland Elf]
  10. Oktober: Vor dem Leuchter* [Before the Chandelier]
  11. November: Die Zündhölzer [The Matches]
  12. Dezember: Das Neue Licht* [The New Light]

Pages are perforated, rear cardboard has die-cut stand with attached mounting string loop.
   at bottom of cover is "G. 3. 10. 1939"

List in rear goes to Band XII and Kartenserie XVI


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