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Section 1       Why America Loves the Funnies

Section 2       Capsule History of the Comics
The First Comic Strip?
Where Are We Today?

Section 3       ComicStrip Backgrounds
(Terminology, genres, sources)

Section   4     Cartoonists – how they work
Cartoonist backgrounds

Section 5   Who's Who of American Comic Strip Producers
*Who's Who Update

Section 6   Chronological Listing of American Comic Strips

Section   7       Comic Strip Credits
* Credits Update A-M
    Credits Update M-Z

Section 8     Comic Strips - Characters and Storylines

Section   9     Comic Strips – Stars of Radio, TV, Movies, and Stage

Section 10       The Comics Satirized

Section   11   Comic Strips and Society

Section   12   Articles

Section   13   Sample strips

Section   14     References

Section   15     Trivia quizzes

Section   16     Links

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