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I pretty much run JVJ Publishing.

I publish a magazine devoted to old illustration. It's called "The Vadeboncoeur Collection of ImageS" - but we just call it ImageS around here. The first issue was published in late June of 2001 and the tenth issue is due out July of 2008. ImageS reprints classic illustration art from 1880 to 1922, in color, on high-quality paper. In addition to the ten color issues, there have been four Black & White ImageS Annuals filled with hundreds of reproductions of pen and ink and grayscale art from the same era. While no longer "annuals" these 112 page "books" will continue to be published on an occasional basis.

I love books. I probably own copies of the majority of the items we used to offer in our Bud Plant Illustrated Books catalogs (hence the URL "bpib"). I also love old comic books, fine French wine, 50's rockabilly and rock and roll music, fine food, researching data on old comic book artists, and Karen Lane - in absolutely no order whatsoever. Karen and I have been together since 1971, known each other since 1961, and hope to grow old together selling old books to you folks. She retired the first of November, 1999 after 30+ years at Hewlett-Packard. She's the one who really makes things work around here.

I've been active in comics fandom since around 1969 when Bud, Al Davoren and I published the first issue of Promethean Enterprise, a fanzine devoted to comic and underground art. The first issue's cover and logo were designed by the late, and very great, Rick Griffin. Other covers were by R. Crumb, Bob Zoell and Robert Williams. Issue five was published in 1974. I also co-published George, The Fanzine Review Magazine with Bob Napier and Jan Strnad. I've published a book on Doug Wildey called The Movie Cowboy, an index on Al Williamson titled Al Williamson: His Work, contributed to Hames Ware & Jerry Bails' Who's Who of American Comics (currently being released in a second edition on disk), contributed to research work and indexes on Jack Kirby, Frank Frazetta, Bernie Krigstein, John Severin, Alex Toth, and many others. When it comes to information about comic artists, I'm known as being full of it. I hope to complete my issue-by-issue index of Atlas Comics from the 1950's in the coming years. I also hope to spend the rest of my life indexing comics with my buddy in Arkansas, Hames Ware and publishing issues of ImageS.

By the way, Hames and I are currently producing a column on comic book artists for Roy Thomas' magazine, Alter Ego. The column is called "The Great Unknowns" and each installment highlights the work of an artist whose name is generally unknown. These columns are the products of our extensive and on-going research into the history of the medium.

Here's a fun piece from our friend David Reed in Vermont. He found a box so labeled on one of his outings and mailed us this piece. It's a 34"x4½" piece of cardboard, folks, and it arrived through the mail almost unbent. Thanks David. My sister Yvonne says that on a recent visit to Montreal there were enough Vadeboncoeurs to fill a half page in the phone book.

If you've never been gooed, I'd suggest you keep it that way.

I'm the one who designs, illustrates, maintains and updates this website, so any should come this direction.

Now go back and look at some books or read about some .


/ Karen

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